The Right Defense Items: Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor

The Right Defense Items: Athena's Shield or Radiant Armor

The right defense items can help you win. When you take magic damage, Athena’s Shield and Radiant Armor are two of the best items to use. But which one should you choose and when? Let’s make it easy to understand.

The Right Defense Items: Athena’s Shield: How to Tank Magic Like a Pro

The numbers:

  • Magic Protection: 62
  • HP: 900
  • 2 for HP Regen
  • One of a kind passive – shield:
  • For 3 seconds, magic damage is cut by 25%
  • Reset after five seconds of leaving battle

Your magic-proof powerhouse is Athena’s Shield. You should use this item whenever you’re facing a team whose heroes love to cast strong magic bursts. It’s like having a shield that stops some magic harm for a few important seconds. This is great for heroes who use a big magic punch to beat you.

The Right Defense Items: Radiant Armor: Holy Blessing to Protect Against Magic

The numbers:

  • 52 for magic defense
  • HP: 960
  • 12 for HP Regen
  • One of a Kind Passive – Holy Blessing:
  • Magic damage is lowered by 5 to 8 points for 3 seconds.
  • It grows with the hero’s level and can hold up to 6 stacks.

Radiant Armor may not be as good at blocking magic, but it makes up for it with a cool Holy Blessing. As you level up, this passive skill gets better, adding another layer of defense against magic damage. Radiant Armor is the best choice if you want a more flexible fit that changes as your hero does.

Figure out when to use Athena’s shield or radiant armor.

The shield of Athena

Magic Burst Threats: Choose Athena’s Shield if the other team has heroes that can beat you with a single strong skill or combo. Taking 25% less magic damage could save your life when these threats come at you.

Armor that shines:

Versatility: Radiant Armor is a good choice if you want a well-rounded option that gives your hero extra health, good magic defense, and a passive that gets stronger as they level up. It works especially well when you’re taking magic damage over time.

To sum up, survive and thrive.

Mobile Legends is a game where the goal is to stay alive. It’s important to know when to use Athena’s Shield or Radiant Armor, whether you’re the tank taking damage or the roamer moving around the fight.

If you’re getting ready for fight, ask yourself: Are you going up against magic burst threats that need a quick shield? Or would you like armor that can be used in many ways and changes as your hero does? You get to make the choice, and it could be the key to your team’s success. You guys should have fun out there with VTBET!